We live in a rapidly changing culture that is increasingly fragmented and cynical. We live in a part of the country that is growing quickly in every demographic, race, and ethnicity. We live in a community filled with needs.

God has placed us right here, right now, because He loves the neighborhoods and cities that we live in. God has placed us here for them. God has placed us here for good.

Here For Good is a rally cry for each of us to base our individual lives. It’s also a $20 million project that will allow us as a church to reach deep into our community to love and serve like never before.

Our $20 Million Goal Will


Reach the people no one is reaching.

As we go where we have not yet gone and do what we have not yet done, we will reach people we have not yet been able to reach.

Launch two new campuses

Each time we launch a campus, we hear amazing stories of personal and community transformation. To launch a new Chase Oaks campus, we look at criteria such as the driving distances for those who attend Chase Oaks, the lack of a Chase Oaks style church in an area, and a growing demographic of unchurched folks. Currently, we are looking to launch campuses in The Colony and the Prosper/Frisco/McKinney area. We can’t wait to see what God does through these new campuses.

Engage in digital missions

Digital spaces are not just the primary front door to our church; they have become legitimate ministry environments for reach and transformation. We will transition Chase Oaks Live into an online campus (with robust connection, service, and growth opportunities) and expand our reach through broader digital engagement with new platforms and tools.

Launch Local Good

Local Good will be a café venue that will serve as a hub for the common good on common ground. The goal is to create an environment that does good in the community and serves as a neutral space for people who are uninterested in church but intrigued by the idea of connecting with others and making a difference in the world.


Create compelling experiences for our friends and neighbors.

Since personal invitation is a powerful way to impact someone’s life, we want to create the most compelling experiences possible for those we invite.

Provide a permanent facility for our Richardson Campus

Our Richardson Campus has a passion for the neighborhoods, needs, and people of the city of Richardson. But their facility does not provide the most compelling experience for their guests. A permanent facility for our Richardson Campus will create a great “come as you are” first impression and will greatly increase their ability to serve and reach their city.

Improve the Kidzone experience at our Sloan Creek Campus

We have an amazing Kidzone at our Sloan Creek Campus, but their facilities are not serving them well. For Sloan Creek’s Kidzone to be among the best, life-changing experiences for the next generation in that community, it needs a complete redesign. Here For Good will enable our Sloan Creek Campus to do a complete renovation and create a compelling Kidzone experience that will serve as a draw to families of young kids in their area.

Expand the auditorium at our Woodbridge Campus

As our Woodbridge Campus continues to make a difference in their community and as new people arrive to call Woodbridge home, we need to make more room for those who have yet to come. An interior renovation of the auditorium building can expand our current capacity of 240 seats to a capacity of 400+ seats. Our Woodbridge Campus will be able to connect to more and more of the friends and neighbors they seek to serve and reach with God’s love.

Upgrade the worship experience

Our Legacy Campus’ auditorium not only serves our largest campus, but it is also a key component of our En Español Campus and the online experience. Significant technology upgrades have already begun. Completing these upgrades to the Legacy Campus’ auditorium will enable us to create the most compelling worship experience possible for our friends and neighbors who visit online or in person.


Bring hope to our community.

At Chase Oaks, we want to come alongside those who are most vulnerable and restore hope where it is easily lost.

Triple the size of the Chase Oaks Family Center

As we seek to meet some of the most pressing needs in our community, it’s clear that one of the brightest spots within our church is the Chase Oaks Family Center located in East Plano. Every season, the services provided by the Family Center are full to capacity. Seasonal initiatives like ToyZone and SchoolZone serve hundreds of families each year. Classes for US Citizenship and ESL have waiting lists to get in. While so many vulnerable families are finding the help they need, so many others are turned away because there is simply no more room. Tripling the size of the Chase Oaks Family Center will dramatically increase our ability to come alongside families in need.