Here For Good is both a rallying cry and a reminder of the type of church we are and the type of individuals we want to be. We live in a community full of needs, and with those needs come opportunities. God has placed us here for such a time as this.

He has placed us here to be for the people who are far from Him; to be for children and the vulnerable; to be for our neighborhoods and cities. God has not placed us here to focus on ourselves, but rather to focus on others. He has placed us here for good.

Our $8 Million Goal Will


Bring hope to our community.

Create the Local Good Center.

Create the Local Good Center that will house an expanded Chase Oaks Family Center as well as initiatives to address issues of advocacy, health and wellness services, and job creation.

Expand the capacity of the Chase Oaks Family Center.

As we seek to meet some of the most pressing needs in our community, it’s clear that one of the brightest spots within our church is the Chase Oaks Family Center located in East Plano. Every season, the services provided by the Family Center are full to capacity. Seasonal initiatives like SchoolZone and ToyZone serve hundreds of families each year. Classes for US Citizenship and ESL have waiting lists to get in. While many vulnerable families are finding the help they need, so many others are turned away because there is simply no more room. Expanding the size of the Chase Oaks Family Center will dramatically increase our ability to come alongside families in need.

Build new initiatives focused on issues of advocacy, health and nutrition, and job creation.

Typically, Chase Oaks Church brings resources to existing community partners that are meeting community needs. With the Local Good Center, however, Chase Oaks will give leadership to issues that we are uniquely equipped to address. We will provide help and support for kids “aging out” of the foster care system. We will focus on job creation as a way to help individuals and families who feel trapped in poverty. And, by addressing preventative health and nutrition needs we will help struggling families flourish and thrive.

Open the Local Good Café.

Open the Local Good Café which will serve as a hub for common good on common ground. It will be a catalyst for good in the community and a place where people who have different beliefs can connect around things we all care about.


Engage in digital missions.

Digital spaces are no longer just the primary front door to our church; they have become legitimate ministry environments for transformation.

In this next season, we will expand our reach through broader digital engagement, and we will deepen our ministry effectiveness through investment in innovative platforms and tools.

Invest in digital platforms and tools.

During the COVID season, our reliance upon digital channels has reinforced the critical importance of digital platforms and tools. In order for us to effectively engage the people God has called us to love, we will invest more in these areas. Our investments will enable us to broaden our reach, deepen our impact, and adjust quickly to an ever-changing culture.

Expand ministry capacity at our Online Campus.

We will resource the Chase Oaks online experience to facilitate robust connection, service, and growth opportunities.

Build new partnerships within the digital arena.

As technology quickly changes and our interaction and reliance on technology evolves, we are excited to partner with new companies that can help us navigate these changes and maximize our effectiveness.


Launch new campuses in partnership with the YMCA.

One of the most exciting things to emerge from the pandemic has been a new partnership with the YMCA.

This partnership was born from a shared commitment to care for kids and their families and a common willingness to experiment and try new things. Moving forward, Chase Oaks is thrilled for the opportunity to utilize YMCA facilities as launching pads for new Chase Oaks campuses.

Relocate Richardson Campus.

Chase Oaks Richardson Campus will relocate to the Richardson YMCA in the fall of 2020.

Launch three new campuses.

Our first regional campus will launch in San Antonio, TX, in Fall 2021, with plans to add two more campuses thereafter (locations TBD).